23 September, 2013

Kitchen Table Memoirs: Shared Stories from Australian Writers edited by Nick Richardson [Suneeta, Highland Park Library]

We all have memories of special occasions, daily ritual, confabs and disagreements, tete-a-tetes and heart-to-hearts that have occurred around a particular table in our own lives.What makes Kitchen table memoirs so readable is that the stories in there could be yours or mine.

Inspired and edited by Tasmanian journalist , Nick Richardson, who came up with the idea after writing an article on food and families, this compilation of anecdotes is as engaging as it is easy to read. Richardson writes the introduction and sets the tone for the 20 other contributors, a medley of well-known Australian writers, comedians and chefs. Martin Brown tells of the lost art of table climbing; John Tully prepares a divine meal as a chef working in the  Antarctic; Annabel Langbein sits us down at a family table in Italy; George McEnroe talks of the table as a vital piece of furniture in her house around which seven people had to find innovative ways of making space, as the room wasn't big enough for seven chairs! These are some tasters that make up a collection filled with nostalgia, humor and best loved recipes. Central to every story is always the table (kitchen or other), a silent witness to the joys and sorrows of family life. The icing on the cake of this wonderfully heart-warming book is that the proceeds from it are being shared with Foodbank, Australia’s largest food relief agency, in order to help put food on the tables of those who need it.


Title: Kitchen Table Memoirs : Shared Stories from Australian Writers
Editor: Nick Richardson
ISBN: 978073331879
Published: 2013
Publisher: ABC; HarperCollins

 - Suneeta, Highland Park Library

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