07 September, 2013

30-Second Economics by Donald Marron [Ina, Mt Albert Library]


Normally I wouldn't find economics the most attractive thing on my reading list but this book came across my way and I found that it makes the topic actually exciting! I have never seen a concept based book that was as concise and as easy to understand than this one. The book presents 50 of the most thought provoking economic theories in history, each presented and explained in a short and easy to understand way.

So here's why I think you should read it: It's actually more relevant to your life than you think. Firstly, they are theories which you either hear all the time about (on the news or similar) but never really quite understand and then just try to ignore, or they are things that you deal with all the time and you never knew it was called that! It’s funny, you get started by thinking, "oh I'll just read one" and soon you notice you're half way through the book  - it's actually addicting.

The thing that makes it so easy to read is the design: Laid out so that every theory only gets one double page (where one side is text and the other an explanatory illustration in retro style), there is not too much complicated info to retain as the space is simply too limited to get to the boring parts. The side bars next to it even reduce the 30 second explanation down into a "3-second crash" blurb (so in case you have forgotten, want a quick update or simply want to learn the sentence by heart to impress everyone at your next barbeque, it's right there). In between and around all the theories you get glossaries and pages with important or influential people of the history of money.
What I liked about the approach of this little book was the attitude that everything is a work in progress. Economics and running countries is a complex task and there will always be different views on how to do it. So through all these sometimes contradicting ideas and theories, you get an overview, learn something and then get intrigued to make up your own mind about it.
So for everyone who likes to know how things (might) work, history buffs and yes, maybe even students, this is fun and entertaining to read.

Author: Donald Marron
ISBN: 9781742661766 (hardcover)
Published: 2011
Publisher: Millers Point, N.S.W.

 - Ina, Mt Albert Library

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