20 August, 2013

Pigs in Clover, or, How I Accidently Fell in Love with the Good Life by Simon Dawson [Kathy, Collections Orewa]

Firstly a warning - if you're at all squeamish or sensitive, you may not like parts of this book There's also quite a lot of sexual content (but only of the farmyard variety!).

Simon Dawson's wife Debbie manages to get him to agree to move from London to the Devon countryside one New Years' Eve when he is a bit tipsy. They start out renting a property then buy 20 acres a few years later. This book tells of Simon's experiences as he finds himself falling in love with the country lifestyle.
He regularly gives tallies of the current animals they have managed to acquire along the way as well as lots of funny stories about a 'townie' learning the country ways.

His accounts had me in tears of laughter and also sadness when the inevitible circle of life on a farm goes on. Stories of drunk pigs, awful homemade wine, mating chooks and encounters with sheep kept me entertained and chuckling well after I'd read it. My favourite quote - reflecting on the day Simon has just lost one of his favourite animals and found out some of his writing has been published in a magazine - "I didn't know whether to mope about or celebrate, so I ate chocolate, which kind of works for both".

Recommended for those who already live on their own patch of paradise, and those that dream of it.

Title: Pigs in Clover, or, How I Accidentally Fell in Love with the Good Life
Author: Simon Dawson
ISBN: 9781780285016
Published: 2013
Publisher: Watkins

 - Kathy, Collections Orewa

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