06 August, 2013

People, Hell and Angels (CD) by Jimi Hendrix [Aimee, Howick Library]

Ooh this is sooo good.  The latest posthumous release of Hendrix material features twelve previously unreleased songs.  It’s Jimi minus the Experience trio – just playing new material with old mates.  And man it’s good.  Oh did I already say that?  Sorry, can’t help it.

It hasn’t been overdubbed and polished into oblivion, as can happen with these things.  Nope it’s beautifully preserved and full of raw human energy.  According to the accompanying booklet (which contains info about each track), the recordings “encompass a variety of unique sounds and styles incorporating many of the elements – horns, keyboards, percussion and second guitar – Jimi wanted to incorporate within his new music”.  The result is a really nice mix of blues and funk, with a bit of psychedelia thrown in for good measure.

I’ve heard rumblings online that purists aren’t totally impressed.  Pshaw.  The experimentation with other musicians hasn’t taken away from the guitar godliness in my opinion.  There’s still plenty of facemelters among the solos.

It’s not often an album comes along that I can enjoy straight away without repeat listens.  There’s nothing wrong with albums that grow on you (love them), but there’s a wonderful joy in totally loving something on the first listen.  On this album in particular, the track that stood out most on first spin was “Let Me Move You”, which features Lonnie Youngblood on saxophone and vocals.  I dare you to look it up on YouTube and not at least tap your foot (or freak out all over the lounge – whatever works for you).

Title: People, Hell and Angels
Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Published: 2013
Label: Sony

- Aimee, Howick Library

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