07 August, 2013

Neil Gaiman's 'Make Good Art' Speech designed by Chip Kidd [Annie, Central Library]

In May 2012, author Neil Gaiman delivered a graduation address to the graduation class of Philadelphia's University of the Arts. This is the text of the speech, turned into printed art.

If the fact it's a Neil Gaiman isn't enough of a reason to check this book out, the stunning graphic design should tip it over to the 'want' list.

Graphic artist Chip Kidd has crafted a treasure of a book, where words dance across the page, mirroring the message of the text.

It is a tiny and inspirational delight for the eyes and psyche. A must-read for anyone in the creative arts and graphic design fields.

And, if you missed it when it broke all over social media, here's the video of the speech:

Title: Neil Gaiman's 'make good art' speech.
Author: Neil Gaiman.
Designer: Chip Kidd.
ISBN: 9781472207937.
Published: 2013.
Publisher: Headline.

~ Annie, Central Library.

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