19 July, 2013

Very Casual by Michael Deforge [ Tim, Central Library]


On the cover of this comic book is a weird deer. Is it a deer? Maybe not. It is deer-shaped, with four deer-ish legs, a kind of deer face, and antlers- all the bits are in the right deer places. But something about it tells me that it is not actually a deer. I think because it seems to be made out of some kind of oozing, red substance and because its eye is like a big flat dish. And it kind of has a beak.
Something is wrong with something familiar. Or else something weird is treated as if it was the most mundane thing in the world. This is what Deforge plays around with in this collection of short comics.
  There is a faux-natural history comic, called ‘Spotting Deer’, that explains that the creature on the cover is actually a common Canadian quadrapedal slug. The narrator in another story is a teenage guy who is super excited to be hanging out with a cool local band. We the readers see that the band is made up of these disgusting meaty blob-monsters, but do the other characters notice this? No one mentions that the singer, Gabe, looks like a piece of fried chicken. Are all the kids oblivious? or brainwashed?... or just living in a world where monsters are pretty ordinary?  This weirdness is so underplayed that it seems all the more weird and Deforge draws it just right- in a cartoony, clear line style, so that nothing looks exactly normal. Everything seems to be made out of the same fleshy, viscous gloop. Post Fort
Thunder indie-comics weirdness meets twisted body horror meets goofy bigfoot cartooniness. But weirdness aside- these are compelling stories told in an entertaining way. I really liked this book and I look forward to new things from Deforge .

Title: Very Casual
Author: Michael Deforge
ISBN: 9780987963079
Published: 2013
Publisher: Koyama Press 

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