16 July, 2013

No Safe Place by Jenny Spence [Kathy, Collections Orewa]

No Safe Place is the first crime novel by Australian Jenny Spence and is a really good read. Elly works for an IT consultancy company in Melbourne and dreams of moving to her family land in country Victoria. Her life turns upide down when two people close to her are murdered. She suspects someone is trying to kill her too, so flees to Sydney. Her employer finds her a project to work on , but she soon realises this job will put her in even more danger as she uncovers secret deals and shady companies. As the author says, 'Elly has to solve the mystery to survive'.

The pace of this story moves along rapidly. Elly comes up with lots of tactics to avoid being found and this makes interesting reading, with the suspense building up as her investigations reveal more and more about the deception she is caught up in. The settings in Melbourne and Sydney are genuine and anyone who has travelled to those cities will recognise the well-known locations. I couldn't put this book down as it got near the end setting up a climax revealing Elly's pursuer and his motives.

A little bit of trivia - Jenny Spence is the wife of Bruce Spence, the New Zealand-born actor who has appeared in Mad Max and Star Wars movies. There's an interview with the couple in the June edition of Good Reading magazine which you can read through our digital library or in print at a number of Auckland libraries.

Title: No Safe Place
Author: Jenny Spence
ISBN: 9781743313329
Published: 2013
Publisher: Arena

 - Kathy, Collections Orewa

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