13 July, 2013

Lightning Rods by Helen De Witt [Sue W Central City]

Following on from the libraries foray into "dark nights" looking at sexuality and how we see it represented in various forms of media, I thought I would review a book that ostensibly is about, well, sex, sorta.

I found this book on a daily roam round the library and was drawn by its cover, yes we DO all use that visual as an part of an initial assessment of a book. Read the blurb and thought, hmmm, now THAT sounds interesting.

And so it was, in fact, not just interesting but outrageously funny. A satire on sexuality, contemporary life, office politics and political correctness run amok and rampantly ridiculous in it's far fetched premises. Despite its sexual theme it is surprisingly not terribly rude and when you stop to reflect, lots of more graphic details are left to the imagination, which your mind will happily supply becuase its just so darn funny.

Ok here's the ember that sparks the flame. Joe is a hardworking salesman looking for his opening niche whereby he can supply a new product that satisfies a previously unidentified need. With lots of time on his hands due to poor sales,one afternoon's steamy daydreams sparks a "what if" scenario and the concept of the lightning rod is born. Thats all I'm going to divulge, read it and enjoy. Definately unique, seriously funny.

Title: Lightning Rods
Author: Helen De Witt
ISBN: 9780811220347
Published: 2011
Publisher: New Directions Books

 - Sue W, Central City Library

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