10 July, 2013

Ghost Moth by Micháele Forbes [Biddy, Highland Park Library]


Moving between 1949 and 1969, Michele Forbes ‘ debut novel narrates the story of Katherine Bedford ,a young actress, and the changes she and her native Ireland experience in that period. The story starts in 1969 with Katherine, her husband George and four children enjoying a day at the seaside. Their picture of apparent domestic bliss is cut short by Katherine’s near-drowning experience. The shock of the experience jolts her and takes her back 20 years to her life in amateur theatre and the passionate love she felt for Tom, the tailor whom she met on the eve of her engagement to George.

The novel explores the excitement of this brief affair and the double-life Katherine lived then and the effects it has had on her marriage.  Parallel to the story of the Bedford family is that of the escalation of political unrest taking place around them in Belfast and the way it impacts their lives. The story is meticulously crafted and the reader is taken on a journey on several levels, discovering more about the characters and their environment as it is read. A real gem. Ghost Moth is highly recommended.

Title: Ghost Moth
Author: Micháele Forbes
ISBN: 9781934137604
Published: New York, NY 2013
Publisher: Bellevue Literary Press

 - Biddy, Highland Park

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