13 June, 2013

The Secret Keeper: A Novel by Kate Morton [Heather, East Coast Bays Library]

Kate Morton is a new author to me, An Australian, she follows in the footsteps of contemporary Australian women authors such as Di Morrissey, Judy Nunn, and Colleen McCullough with her tales being perfect for curling up with and reading on a Sunday afternoon.

The Secret Keeper is her latest book. Set predominantly in England, it is the story of an idyllic family life which is ripped apart for 16 year Laurel when she witnesses a shocking crime committed by her mother, Dolly. In adulthood, as her mother lies on her deathbed, Laurel returns to the family home and sets about trying to sort out the mystery of why her mother had acted so uncharacteristically in committing the crime.
Alternating between the timeframes of World War Two, the 1960s and present day, the story is told in the voices of Laurel and Dolly and Vivien, Dolly’s wartime friend, this book is an enjoyable yarn and well worth a read.

Title: The Secret Keeper
Author: Kate Morton
ISBN: 9780330477598
Published: 2012
Publisher: N.Y.: Atria Books

 - Heather, East Coast Bays Library

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