06 June, 2013

English Graphic by Tom Lubbock [Jonny, Central City Library]

Tom Lubbock, who tragically died in 2011, from a brain tumor at age 53 was an artist and art critic.
This book collects his short essays on 'graphic' works which could mean maps, prints or watercolors. The essays were originally published in the Observer.

The works are arranged chronologically beginning with the Uffington white horse. Lubbock each work to think out loud about the work itself and whatever other things intersect in his mind when musing on each piece. The Uffington horse piece includes a succinct discussion of restoration and authenticity in art.
Included in the collection are pieces by well known artists William Blake and illus

Another essay looks at two very early maps of the British isles one from 1250 the other from 1399 and uses them as a springboard for Lubbock's own lateral imagination as he suggests that one of the maps may resemble a human body, links this to Milton's Paradise Lost, then leaps to Hamlet.

It is always interesting to read the thoughts of someone who is a practitioner writing from within their discipline.

As an artist brings his own aesthetic perspective and ideas to each of the works considered.
I was happy to indulge Lubbock's mind to roam around in these short essays, they are just the right length, they never digress too much or outstay their welcome.

Title: English Graphic
Author: Tom Lubbock
ISBN: 9780711233706
Published: 2012
Publisher: London: Frances Lincoln Ltd.

 - Jonny, Central City Library

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