21 May, 2013

To Be Loved [Music CD] by Michael Buble [Kathy, Collections Orewa]

It's funny how you can be not that interested in a particular singer then change your mind once you see them live.

My friend talked me into going to a Michael Buble concert in Sydney a couple of years ago and I was won over by his talent, charm and great performance. I like the way he sings a mix of his own songs and old classics, and also his collaborations with other artists.

His latest release, To be loved, is a good example. Familiar songs like the Bee Gees' To love somebody and the often covered Somethin' stupid appear with his new single It's a beautiful day.

To love somebody, To be loved and Who's loving you are my favourites of the covers, Michael does brilliant versions of these classics. I found a couple of tracks had me bopping along to the beat and I could even imagine ballroom dancers spinning around a dance floor with Come dance with me.

Buble's Close your eyes is a charming love ballad and I love the twist of the break-up song, It's a beautiful day, where the singer is happy to be free of a relationship and delivers some great lines like ‘Cause I’m glad that you’re the one that got away' and ‘You may not believe that baby, I’m relieved, when you said goodbye, my whole world shines.'

This album gets better the more you listen to it - the Buble charm worked on me yet again!

(Image courtesy of JBHiFi).

Title: To Be Loved
Author: Michael Buble
ISBN: 093624944973
Published: 2013
Publisher: Reprise

 - Kathy, Collections Orewa

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