20 May, 2013

The Imposter Bride by Nancy Richler [Juliet, Central City Library]

Poland 1944, a young girl takes on the identity of a dead woman in order to escape to freedom.

When "Lily" arrives in Montreal, Canada, she expects to marry a man she has never met.

Sol Kramer sees her and turns her down.

His brother, Nathan, decides to marry her instead.

Her life as Lily Aserov/Kramer ends when she disappears, leaving a new husband, baby daughter, a diary and a large uncut diamond.

Readers share Ruth's journey to find, understand, and love the mother who abandoned her.

Richler paints a rich image of the Canadian Jewish community, their customs and family relationships in a past century.

The odd Yiddish words and phrases add a special flavour to the text.

This tale of historical fiction transported me from Montreal to war-torn Europe and back again.

It's good, old fashioned story telling at its best.

Author: Nancy Richler
ISBN: 9781250010063
Published: 2012
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

 - Juliet, Central City Library

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  1. Nancy Richler has done it again. She creates the most compelling stories that make it impossible to put the book down. The characters in this book -- as they were in her last book, Your Mouth Is Lovely -- stick with you long after you finish the story... It's one of those books that you miss when you finish it. I highly recommend this book -- enjoy!

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