18 May, 2013

Marrakesh by Design by Maryam Montague [Ina, Mt Albert Library]

Do you love to look through coffee table books of exotic countries just to get excited by rich visuals that inspire you for your own home décor? I often get great ideas for any creative endeavors in home DIY by reading these books and if you can relate, “Marrakesh by Design” is for you.

As a colour addict, I absolutely love the flair and atmosphere of the Orient with that relaxed elegance that anything Arabic brings into interior design and this book is an absolute treasure trove for anything Moroccan. The pictures are so beautiful, rich and lively that you feel like stepping right through the pages and hang out in these colourful, cozy but stylishly trendy spaces. Montague writes with real expertise of Arabic Architecture and Interior design and her informative text is infused with interesting stories, details and background knowledge, so it never gets boring. The good graphic design throughout the book helps break up text with images, patterns and space so that I just kept on reading and reading, even though I usually read only sporadically between images.

Now, I love interior design books, but I do find it a bit hard to get inspired to take action when all I see is finished pictures of glamorous rooms full of expensive furniture without much being talked about the specific design principles or how to realize certain ideas (without the millionair budget). This book is different. You get “how-to” instructions, buying tips for even the smallest details like doorknockers, ideas for patterns, quick tips to get “the look” and cultural background info pages, including cooking recipes or health and beauty treatments to help you create a complete experience.

I loved this book so much that I wanted to book tickets straight to Marrakesh, but instead started looking for furniture and trinkets while thinking about the DIY ideas, just to bring a bit of that "Arabic Nights" -romance back into my home. Even though Montague gives us enough ideas for a complete home design, I think even getting a few details into your home will bring interest and flair to your own.

Author: Maryam Montague
ISBN: 9781579654016
Published: 2012
Publisher: Artisan

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  1. oh my goodness.....the loveliest review! Thank you ever so much, Ina!


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