04 May, 2013

Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me by By Paula Begoun [Olga, Central Library]

One of the most useful books I have ever seen about cosmetics. Although Paula Begoun is a writer based in the USA, globalization and the Internet have spread the same brands of cosmetics all over the word.
The book is as fat as 1400 pages can make. I didn`t even know so many cosmetics companies existed.
Of course, not all cosmetic companies in the world are included, regardless, it is a pretty full compendium for every little cosmetic thing you need.
It covers the whole range of decorative and skincare treatments, including  all kinds of stuff for men, women (that’s the biggest section for sure) and babies.
In the first two chapters she writes simple facts about products which she knows inside out, and not only from the beauty side but from chemistry also.

Did you know that a main ingredient for pore strips is a hairspray-type ingredient and there is no big difference between them and band-aids?
What difference does adding an SPF to moisturizing cream make?
Why is the “hypoallergenic” claim meaningless?
She answers all sorts of questions you may not even imagine, but wanted to know.

Although you can find all this information on the author’s website, it is such a comfort and pleasure to riffle pages by flicking through the book.
And the good news is there is a new edition coming out every year, 2012 is the current one, so you will stay up to date.

Title: Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me
Autor: Paula Begoun
ISBN: 9781877988349 (pbk.)
Published: 2012
Publisher: Beginning Press

 - Olga, Central City Library

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