29 May, 2013

Bust Magazine is awesome [Carmel - Mt Roskill and Grey Lynn Libraries]

It's cool how the library subscribes to tonnes of magazines so we don’t have to, right? Well Bust is one mag I actually buy copies of (well, sometimes) cos it is so darn good. But don’t worry I still get the library copies most of the time. So should you! Just ask your friendly neighbourhood librarian how to order specific copies of magazines. Ok, on with the review.

Straight outta Compton, oh wait, I mean New York City, Bust is “for women with something to get off their chests”. It is a fun, entertaining look at the world through women’s eyes. Regular features range from light -crafting instructions, interviews with pop stars- to deep; each issue includes a round up of women-related news worldwide: this month they featured among other items, the Feminist Mormon Housewives revolt against their church’s dress-and-skirt-only dress code (go Mormon feminists, am I right?). Each issue also includes loads of book, music and graphic novel reviews (you like those don’t you?), a sex/health advice column and a One-Handed Read (hee hee hee).

To further hit home the goodness of this mag, this issue included an interview with badass electropop star Grimes, a piece on the 1940s all-girl jazz ensemble, the International Sweethearts of Rhythm (cool band name, can I steal it?), and a ridiculously fun guide to the modern-day sleepover.

Bust has a decidedly indie ethos, with a big emphasis on challenging media-fed stereotypes about women, and empowering its readers to be interesting, self sufficient and confident people. I like to press it into the hands of impressionable young women because I see Bust as the antidote to all things Women’s Weekly and Dolly. Those magazines (lets get serious here, guys) like to pretend the whole world is pretty, skinny and white, and also enjoy passing judgement on the choices women make and the way women look. Bust, on the other hand, is diverse, celebratory and open-minded. Just like us, right?

All this talk about women, but don't worry, Bust is a good fun read for the menfolk too. Just ask my boyfriend.
Title: Bust
Publish info: New York, NY : Bust, Inc.
Frequency: Bimonthly

 - Carmel, Mt Roskill Library and Grey Lynn Library

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