28 April, 2013

Making and Drawing by Kyra Cane [Joyce, New Lynn Library]

Before working in Libraries I worked in the design industry/education sector and still use my sketch book, aka a visual diary, for reference and development of ideas so I found this book very interesting.

Drawing and Making by Kyra Cane explores the different ways artists use drawing in the creative process of  developing and creating ideas.  

This is  not an instructional “how to book” as it uses interviews with artists to show examples of how the recording of inspirational sources and the development of that idea is the  hidden creative process part of creating an object. 

 Drawing focuses the mind on the subject matter and today is not limited just to paper and pencil, the brief chapter on drawing with technology considers how technology can be part of that relationship of  looking and recording images and I  must admit love my iPad Drawing App.

The book has a feel of the coffee table book with its wonderful visuals and quality paper and I would recommend anyone interested in the design process to borrow this book.  The narrative explains the artist's process and development of the initial idea and  method of working and makes up for the limited, for me, images from some of the sketch books. 

The author Kyra Cane is a successful potter and an experienced art educator and examiner and this book includes examples of her work and also from a broad range of disciplines, artists who all use drawing as a thinking tool and in the planning and development of the finished object.

I don't  want to return this book and as the due date is looming I have bought  my own copy.

Title: Making and Drawing
Author: Kyra Crane
ISBN: 9781408134511
Published: 2012
Publisher: A. & C. Black

 - Joyce, New Lynn Library

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