24 April, 2013

Faction 1 by Damon Keen and Amie Maxwell [Baruk, Birkenhead Library]

Quite simply, I liked this enough to buy my own copy, and that doesn't happen often. Especially not when it is also available for free (legal) download!

Faction 1 is a Kiwi comic anthology, from 14 very different writers/artists. One of the joys of anthologies is the unlikely juxtaposition of very different styles, and Faction does not disappoint. The artwork moves eclectically from Ned Wenlock's bold primary colours, through Damon Keen's delicate shading, or Ralphi's yellowish-greenish-brownish and Karl Wills' detailed black-on-white to Mark Holland's lush painterly style. I can honestly say I enjoyed all the artwork very much.

I enjoyed the majority of the stories, though I must admit some were better than others. It is not easy to achieve a coherent and engaging story in a few pages, and some of the stories seemed to be more suited to a longer telling that would give them the chance to flesh out. It struck me that the stories (even the ones I didn't love) very well matched the artistic style used to tell them.

Faction was created through crowdfunding, and it is nice to see contributors named on the back page (dammit, I missed my chance at fame!). The Faction website has links to individual artist websites, and a free subscription to the (digital) anthology which promises to be released every six months.

If you like anthologies, you may also enjoy Syncopated, an anthology of non-fiction picto-essays. Or not.

And if I sound like a fanboy, that's because I am.

Title: Faction 1
Editors: Damon Keen, Amie Maxwell
ISBN: 9780473228026
Published: 2012
Publisher: 3 Bad Monkeys

 - Baruk, Birkenhead Library

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  1. Yeah, it's a great collection


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